Work Exprience

Examples of different work experience of Madjin Sanat Mehr Co. in the implementation of industrial projects specifically in gas industry are presented in the following:



    1)    Zamyad Iran Radiator Factory:zamyad

      ·         Provided infrastructure maps for gas facilities as well as water and fire plumping projects.

      ·         Implementation of bypass systems and installation of gas regulator and meters in the factory.

     ·         Complete safety check and repair of the internal gas network of the factory.



   2)    Pars Oil Refinery:naft pars

·         Completed a new implementation of the internal gas network of the refinery with a station capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per hour with 2800 meters in length located in the altitude based on the standards of the gas and oil regulations.

·         Implemented the fire line network of the refinery with iron, steel, and polyethylene pipes for the pipeline of about 3,000 long as well as hydrant valves installation and its relevant safety tests.

·         The general contractor 1 and 2 of Pars Oil Refinery. Conducted the implementation of all related works including mechanical and electrical building installations. This also included the repair, replacement, and/or construction of the basic facilities of the refinery.



3)    IRAN Textbooks Publishing Company:chap o nashar

 ·         Designed, calculated and installed the grounded and surface gas lines and pressure reducing stations with the capacity of 1,000 cubic meters per hour and implemented a cathodic protection system.




  4)    Oghab Halva Company:
halva shekari oghab

  ·         Established different gas stations of 1,000 and 2,500 cubic meters.




  5)    Shifa Pharmed Industrial Group:shafa farmed

 ·         Established a gas station of 2,500 cubic meters.




   6)    Saze Gostar Saipa Company

saze gostar saipa






     7)    Other projects in Tehran:

   ·         Design, calculation and execution of contracts with gas companies in the province of Tehran and Tehran city for different residential and commercial building including:

Golian Tower: 108 units; Roshani Tower: 96 units; Ebrahimi: 98 units; East and west Dena Tower: 220 units; Eram Tower: 94 units; Zaferaniye: 48 units; White Yas Tower:1289 units; Narges Flower Tower: 1600 units; Golsar 2 Tower: 98 units; Lavizan Dormitory and Shahid Rajayi University Dormitory.



   8)    Other projects for Industrial Factories:

   ·         Delta 1 and 2 gas stations of 400 cubic meters

   ·         Noosh Azar gas station of 1,000 cubic meters

   ·         Karaj Shariati Stadium gas station of 1,000 cubic meters

   ·         Gharch Sahar Production Complex gas station of 400 cubic meters


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